Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose SOLTI Gaming Chair?

Our aim is to provide every computer user with a high-quality, yet affordable chair. Our premium SOLTI chairs are all-in-one package; Looks, Quality, durability & safety designed and constructed from the highest grade materials. In Nepal, people spend most of their day sitting down on chairs with insufficient support which results in a high chance for poor body posture which can lead to premature degeneration, which results in chronic pain.

SOLTI chair models are especially designed to give our customers a 5-star sitting experience. Our chairs are fully certified; tested for safety and durability (SGS Certified)

What’s the difference between 'SERIOUS GAMER SERIES' & 'GODFATHER SERIES’?

The name of the model says it all. However, SERIOUS GAMER is designed for hard-core PC or Mobile Gamers, editors, YouTubers etc. whereas GODFATHER is more for business owners, music producers, designers, editors and the rest. However, all our models are designed to fit in both gaming and office setup.

Pre-Order Available?

Due to the global pandemic 'Covid-19' it was difficult for us to manage stock during these last few months March-June. But now we are finally on track and we will be taking Pre-Orders and will distribute it as soon as we get our stock. Please DM US or call directly at 9849759987 to Pre-Order.

Where can I find SOLTI Chair?

Our office is currently situated at ‘Naxal, Naghpokhari, in front of Marriott hotel’ where you can experience our excellent premium chairs. Please feel free to contact us 24/7 to let us know that you’re visiting. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on offers and availability.

What is the weight limit for SOLTI Chairs?

The recommended weight limit is 130kg for SERIOUS GAMER SERIES 'Premium' and 150kg for the GODFATHER SERIES 'Luxury'.


How can I order the chair?

You can order via phone call 9849759987, via text or WhatsApp/Viber. DM us on our official Instagram or Facebook page for instant reply to your questions

What's the cost for delivery?

Free Delivery inside Kathmandu Valley. Normal charges apply depending on your location for delivery outside Kathmandu valley.

How long does it take to deliver the chair to my house?

We provide fast same-day delivery service inside Kathmandu if orders are made before 11 am. 95% of our orders are delivered within 2-3 working days for outside Kathmandu orders. We also offer fast Next-Day delivery service within Kathmandu if you order after 11 am.



What does your warranty cover?

Missing materials from the products at the time of delivery.

Defects in the manufacturing of the materials or workmanship used for the products at the time of the delivery.

Up to 1.5 warranty on all functionality portions of the chair

SOLTI Brand reserves the final right in determining if a benefit under the warranty can be claimed.

What our warranty does not cover?

Normal wear and tear, which are expected over the course of ownership such as: Degradation of upholstery, pillows & lumbar support, stitching, caster exterior, plastic coverings

·         Products that were not installed, used, or maintained in accordance with product instructions and warnings.

·         Any minor misalignments, variations arising out of hand-made workmanship.

·         Any damages that have been caused by accident, abuse, misuse.

·         Any causes which does not relate to a product defect in materials or workmanship.

·         Any issues which occur due to modifications or attachments to the product which are not approved by SOLTI Store Nepal.


My main aim was to bring the best looking, top-quality and the most comfortable Gaming & Office chairs in Nepal. I have a big hand in designing SOLTI chairs and choosing the top grade quality materials (from head to toe) to make this chair the BEST. Wasn't happy with the chair I was using for my YouTube so I started this project in 2019 and I can now finally say that I am sitting on the chairs of my dreams. SOLTI Chairs "Feel Like The King"

James Shrestha


Great Chair! Top of the market! Me & my friend was looking for the best gaming chair to buy in Nepal, we visited many stores but weren't satisfied until we visited SOLTI Store Nepal and saw their chairs. Thank you for bringing such and amazing chair to the market at a deal. Overwhelmed by your co-ordination.

Bibek & Anish

Verified Customer

If there's one word to describe this chair, it's "COMFORTABLE". I spend minimum 5-7 hours a day behind a computer creating and editing videos. So I definitely needed a chair that supports my upper and lower body in a way which does not cause any back pain and "SOLTI Chair" turned out to be just perfect for me.... and also not to mention, for it's price, the touch of this chair feels very "Premium" and has bunch of cool features and great customer service too.


Verified Customer

I've always been into gaming and creating something. As a Software Developer / Graphic Designer, I spend most of my time in front of a computer which means long hours of sitting. I've been searching for a proper chair for a very long time. I looked into many chairs in the same price range of course but either the quality failed to satisfy me or it was too expensive. Finally, I came to know about 'SOLTI Store Nepal' and its chair. The quality is top-notch and it is super comfortable. It is worth every 'Rupee' I spent on it. You won't find this quality on any other gaming chair in Nepal at the same price range. The stitching finish is perfect and the leather quality is the best. I've been out looking into other chairs for a long time and I can say this much SOLTI Nepal's chair beats any gaming chair out there in terms of both quality and price. And they DELIVER super fast.

Suraj Tamang

Verified Customer

"SOLTI CHAIR" is just the best!!!!!! This is the most comfortable chair I've ever sat on. SOLTI Chair looks premium but feels even more premium when you touch or sit on it. If anyone wants to buy a gaming or office chair "SOLTI CHAIR" is the best to go for. I am in love with this chair!

Bhabishya Poudel

Verified Customer

First of all awesome customer service! And secondly SOLTI chair is the best chair in Nepal Loved it! Thanks a lot SOLTI Store Nepal

Abhishek Pradhan

Verified Customer

This SOLTI 'Godfather Series' gaming chair is go damn good! Yeti dherai use bhaisakyo, dherai ramro lagyo!

Pranav Shrestha

Verified Customer

The search of every Nepali willing to buy chair that can fulfil all their desires like a premium chair which is comfortable and affordable at the same time ends at SOLTI Store Nepal. In love with this beautiful chair!

Prabesh Gautam

Verified Customer

Ho raixa basekai thapaudaina ? Customer service ramro xa, product quality great! ? Price ni thorai ho as compare to other companies chair ??

Bshow Mgr

Verified Customer / YouTuber

Nice Chair Love it! Customer service is great!

Pokhara Sir

Verified Customer

Babbaal Lagyo Chair.

Binay Pradhan

Verified Customer

I can sit in this SOLTI Gaming chair whole day, this is the best product I have ever bought in my entire life.

Jagadish Bhaga

Verified Customer

SOLTI Chair Heavy rahecha, Sahi rahecha, Chair worth money. Thank you SOLTI Brand.

Manish Chalise

Verified Customer

Thank you SOLTI Brand for providing one of the highest -quality and comfortable Gaming Chairs in Nepal. It's lumbar support and design gives you a neutral position for gaming or working for long hours on PC that no other seat can match. It is really comfortable and really well built and I am really satisfied with my puchase.

Rikesh Bajracharya

Verified Customer

It was very easy to setup SOLTI Chair and I am loving the chair so much.

Nabin Jaiswal

Verified Customer

Purchased SOLTI Godfather Series 'Green'

Sandesh Ghimire

Verified Customer